As a photographer who is not only working to introduce natural, emotional photojournalistic wedding photography to South America but also trying to bring ‘BOUDOIR’ here – a word that has no MEANING, I was irritated to see a thread on a popular, no huge, photographers forum regarding shooting ‘OLDER WOMEN’ for boudoir shots. This female, English photographer was finding it hard to gather motivation to shoot her client because her wrinkles were putting her off from the sexy theme of boudoir.

My point is that if you cannot shoot a client with honest interactions then you are acting crassly and should relinquish the job no matter how much you crave the $$$$$.

TO me Boudoir is about shooting women in an antithetical fashion to the barbie doll men’s mags and if you find age somehow revolting, then you are perpetuating the lie – AND this from a woman.

Boudoir is not about shooting sexy young girls with great bodies – I know this as a model and a photographer. However as a photographer, you need to celebrate your client however possible and if you cannot then QUIT. Boudoir is created for older women – the opposite of Maxim magazine. Older women have a sexuality that moves beyond women as plastic dolls with pumped up tits – it’s about real women with bodies that they are comfortable with and who know how to make a man comfortable with them ….enough said


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